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Discover skills, experiences and opportunities beyond your stethoscope

Come on in



We are a brand-new social enterprise created by doctors, for doctors. So new in fact, we need your help to bring our vision to life. 

BYS is our passion project and has grown from our own experiences of stepping outside the box and the equal amounts of fear, challenge and joy that can bring. From observing so many of our friends and peers struggle with burnout, dissatisfaction and a loss of direction. Or sometimes just a desire to try something new but not knowing where to start.

Our Vision



Our Vision is simple.

For doctors to be happy and fulfilled, no matter what their career path

About us


We are Jenny and Paul.


Doctors, partners and passionate about seeking and promoting opportunities beyond the classical clinical sphere. Brits by birth, kindly adopted by New Zealand in 2015, a love affair which just keeps getting stronger.

We realised that to build a career outside the box, you need to think outside the box. And with that, Beyond Your Stethoscope was born.




The Plan

Our aim in a nutshell is to increase awareness and improve access to the full range of opportunities that enable, empower and support doctors to go beyond typical clinical career pathways in any way.


We are focussing on doctors working in the Asia-Pacific region (though anyone is welcome!!). Sound a bit vague? Here’s the plan!

The Plan
Medic climbing mountain


Explore all the ways you can go beyond your stethoscope

We will feature a wide range of advice, insights and inspirational first-hand stories about all the different ways you can go beyond your stethoscope.


Paid roles, volunteer opportunities, career breaks, side-hustles: we will cover them all and more.


Think first-hand case studies packed with practical and honest advice, tips for training and all the info and contact details for organisations and training opportunities you might need in one place.


Browse and apply for jobs and volunteer opportunities

We will partner with employers and organisations to develop a portal of paid and volunteer beyond the stethoscope roles that you can apply for now!

Expedition medicine
Community discussion


Join an online community of like-minded medics

With your help, we will build an online community of like-minded medics who are passionate about supporting each other, sharing experiences, challenges and successes of their endeavours beyond the stethoscope.


We will share stories, achievements and news about all things BYS on our website, social media channels and a brand-new podcast (bonus points if you help us name it!)


Access non-clinical skills training and resources

Collaborating with experts in the field, we will develop and provide practical training and resources for all the those non-clinical skills we are expected to excel in but never get taught. This will include topics such as conflict resolution, communication skills, running meetings and much, much more. We are especially passionate about leadership development. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Volunteering in developing countries

Skill Sharing

Supporting doctors in low and middle-income settings to 'go-beyond'

We are a social enterprise. This means we will invest our profits into facilitating more of our peers to ‘go beyond’, with a focus on those working low and middle-income countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

Get Involved



Join us on our journey as we bring BYS to life, help us shape our content based on what YOU want to see and be the first to know when we officially launch. Sign-up below and follow along on our social channels (we draw the line at TikTok)!

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Find out more about ways to get involved


We will offer a range of ways to promote opportunities to our community. If you are interested in promoting jobs, volunteer opportunities, events, electives, courses or training opportunities with us, get in touch!


BYS wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for others that have led the way and we believe that collaboration will serve our community far better than competition. If you work with an organisation whose  purpose is to increase awareness of and/or access to opportunities for doctors that go beyond standard clinical pathways and training programmes in any way, we would love to hear from you.


We are looking for doctors who are already going beyond their stethoscopes, both inside and outside of work, to help us create amazing content. If you (or someone you know!) would be willing to contribute first-hand case studies, photos, videos, long-form articles or anything else you can think of - please drop us a line!


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