Amy | Burnout Counsellor

Amy is from Hobart in beautiful Tasmania. She left clinical medicine to start The Burnout Project which is now a successful business supporting professionals with burnout through a variety of methods including counselling, online programmes, public speaking and conference workshops. She has even written a book! Amy balances her work with raised her lovely brood of five and is a truly impressive human – we hope you enjoy her story.

My story

Growing up, I never thought I would do medicine. I wanted to do clinical research. And then in my last year of school I panicked about being stuck in a lab and decided to do medicine instead. I called my dad, who is a rural GP; he spent the next hour trying to talk me out of it!

I quite enjoyed medical school and, when I was working, parts of general practice. I especially liked building relationships with patients and seeing the impact of care over time. But there were also parts I really hated and at that stage I had four young kids, no time to study for exams and didn’t have the money to sit them. I was working long hours, getting regular migraines and felt that I wasn’t enjoying my time with the kids. Things really came to my head when one of my patients committed suicide and my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was forced to think about what was actually important to me.

If I could do anything, what would it be?

I was two years into GP training at that point, so I took six months leave before making any final decisions. I started to look at other options and thinking about what I really wanted. If I could do anything, what would it be? Was there a part of my job that I really loved? I realised the thing I really enjoyed in general practice was the counselling aspect and it was something I struggled to get people further help