Angela | Entrepeneur

Meet Angela, doctor turned entrepreneur!

Angela is the co-founder of Clearhead, an online mental health health platform designed to empower users to find the help they need using both tech solutions, free resources and a range of mental health professionals.

Angela shares her remarkable journey, providing with some honest and invaluable insights for other doctors considering their own startup.

My story

I pretty much knew by the third year of medical school that I did not want to do clinical medicine forever. I did like it, which made it hard. But I thought that I was better equipped for doing things that were more strategic; I loved bigger picture systems thinking.

Once I realised this is what actually excited me and that at medical school I was struggling to find opportunities to develop that skill-set, I ended up volunteering a lot in the community. Luckily New Zealand is small enough that people start to recognise you if you're someone who's willing to put your hand up for things. I sat on my first board when I was 21 and I have been on 15 Boards now. For example,