Going Live!

It has been a big couple of weeks over here at BYS Headquarters (aka our kitchen table) as we finally released our baby into the world!

For a few weeks I had been stalling, coming up with various vague reasons why I wasn’t ready – no-one checks social media on a Friday, right….? All we were really doing was posting about our concept on a few forums and contacting potential contributors, but it seemed like a huge hurdle. Although career and non-clinical skills development are not unique concepts, this is a unique move for us and I was nervous! Paul, being blessed with an inner serenity/self-assuredness that I will be forever envious of was baffled by my procrastination but waited it out. Eventually I ran out of non-excuses and got on with it.

Day one: website starts to get some action!

So far, the response has been a relief and a delight. We have been reassured that there is a need for more information and resources about opportunities beyond the norm and touched by the messages of support we have received from both friends and total strangers – many of whom I have now had the pleasure of getting to know. We have spoken to several doctors who already work very successfully within career development and had some fantastic conversations about potential future collaboration.

Getting acquainted with the mic