Dana | Podcast Host

Dr Dana Phang is the voice and mastermind behind the podcast Junior Doctor’s Corner. Dana, a final-year GP trainee, created the podcast after being surprised at the lack of support for junior doctors. Dana’s goal is to help medical students and junior doctors not only survive but thrive in their careers.

My story

I think I started internship wearing rose-tinted glasses; I thought it was going to be fantastic. I had offered to swap with a fellow intern who had just had a baby and take a placement in a very small rural town. The lead up to starting had been very reassuring; we were told that it was normal to be nervous and that we would be well supported. I thought, I’ve got this!

My first day as an intern was far from well supported. I was given no orientation; we were short-staffed, and I was basically left to fend for myself on the ward. Luckily, mainly thanks to the pharmacist and nurses, I fumbled through that day. But towards the end of it I thought, OK, it’s been a hectic first day, I haven’t had lunch, but I have survived. And then the time for the evening doctor to take-over came and went. The only other doctor in the building, who had been covering ED, headed home but reassured me cover would arrive soon. Almost as soon as he left, a patient was wheeled up from ED that I had not been told about. They had been admitted with an NSTEMI and were due to be transferred to a tertiary hospital. I had the Royal Flying Doctor Service on the phone asking questions that I did not have answers to;