Nailing the portfolio career

An interview with Emma Parry

Emma Parry is, to be frank, a bit of a badass. This was initially intended to be a career case-study, but it proved impossible to categorise someone that is a maternal Foetal Medicine subspecialist, businesswoman, leader, global health innovator, women’s advocate…! So, I present you this instead – an article which at its heart is a reminder that careers in medicine really do not have to be linear and that saying ‘yes’ more often leads to opportunities never previously imagined!

The backstory

Emma, like us, hails from the UK. Her move to Aotearoa was the result of an epiphany which came partway through Obstetric and Gynaecology training - while searching for a parking space. She explains, ‘one weekend, my ex-husband and I went for a mountain bike ride. It took us an hour just to find somewhere to leave the car. We thought, “what are we doing here? There are too many people!”. It was then we decided to emigrate. We had already spent time in New Zealand and just decided to go for it’.

Emma’s first destination in 1995 was Auckland, where she worked for a year as a research registrar. The call of the South Island mount