Izzy | Social media health advocate

Izzy is an endocrinology trainee, passionate sportswoman and social media wizard. Her goal is to be a sports endocrinologist, focusing on bone health, hormone deficiencies and exploring the impact of hormones related to recovery and performance.

Her Instagram account, @doctorizzyksmith, has over 17 thousand followers and counting. She is also a passionate advocate for mental health and co-hosts the Behind the Uniform podcast. Izzy focuses her content on debunking health myths, women’s health and sport. We hope you enjoy her story and there are some top tips in here for anyone considering their own foray into the world of social media!

Izzy’s story

Izzy’s decision to try something different began with a difficult year that will resonate with many of us. Uncertainty about career direction, a challenging rural placement, a breakup, revision for specialist exams and a stress fracture culminated in burnout and the need to take a break. Izzy decided it was time to take a year out of training to ‘locum, reassess and have a bit more life flexibility’. It was at this point she started her Instagram account.

Sport, being a huge part of her life, was always going to be a focus.

However, she had also become increasingly aware of the amount of misinformation, misunderstanding and myths surrounding nutrition and health being shared amongst the general population. Having spoken to non-medical friends and family, and being a social media user h