My new normal

I am writing this sitting in our small but perfectly formed campervan. It is one of those overcast days where the clouds feel a few inches from your head and we are parked up by a long, empty stretch of beach. It is beautiful in a desolate sort of way.

It has been over seven months since we hastily returned from India during Covid’s initial rampage, around 12 weeks into would have been almost a year of travel. We had agreed that I would not return to clinical work after the trip, commit to getting BYS off the ground and start carving out my as yet very undefined next career step.

That moment arrived much sooner than anticipated. It turned out that although being completely in charge of my own time seemed wonderful on paper, the reality was pretty daunting.

It wasn’t so much the need to work from home. That was very much ‘on trend’ due to the raging global pandemic. It was the fact that my schedule included setting up BYS from scratch and entering a whole new world of marketing, networking and proving that our ideas had value.