Tom | Event Medic

Tom is a dual GP-ED trainee, event medic and the co-founder of Ascent Medical Support. Ascent provides medical cover at endurance and extreme sporting events around New Zealand including ultramarathons, long-distance triathlons and the legendary slopestyle mountain biking event, Crankworx. An experienced athlete himself, he spoke to us about his journey to becoming an event medic.

My story

At medical school, I thought I wanted to be a sports physician. After PGY2 I wanted more experience and did a variety of SHO jobs in provincial hospitals before starting GP training.

During that time, I completed a post grad diploma in sports medicine and went on a few tours with sports team. I realised working 9-5 in a clinic wasn’t for me, and missed acute medicine. I returned back to the hospital and Emergency Medicine. I like the episodic nature - it is very much like Event Medicine actually. You are there, you have your team, you work, you finish.

I started working in Rotorua and met Ascent co-founder Ben. He had already started doing some work with an outdoor emergency management company, Peak Safety, working with them at endurance events. These events often require a specialist level of care, people can get really sick; it helps having doctors on site. Especially in the remote environments where they often take place.