Veronica | Medical Administration Registrar

Meet Veronica, a Medical Administration Registrar with the Northern Regional Alliance, based at Waitemata DHB in Auckland. She is a Royal Australasian College of Medical Administration (RACMA) trainee and the very first person to hold a position like this in New Zealand - all other RACMA trainees have already been in formal leadership positions. A true trailblazer!

My story

I am the daughter of two GPs so grew up with medicine being talked about at home. My mother always had an interest in the health system and was on a couple of boards so I was exposed to a lot of the conversations and politics happening behind the scenes.

I did my training at Monash University and really loved learning about ethics and law at medical school. While doing my internship in Victoria, I was frustrated about how inefficient things were and how powerless I felt. I went to Google, as probably most people do when frustrated or disempowered, and came across RACMA. I realized quickly that is what I probably wanted to do but I did still think about having a clinical career at that stage.

I wondered how much of how I was feeling was the system and how much of it was me.

So, I moved to a different state and hospital and worked there. It made me realise that I really do like patients, but I wasn’t that interested in keeping up to date with medical practice. It is a lot of work and hard to do if you’re not passionate about it. And I wasn't desperately passionate about any particular field, other than health system science.